Speech : so what ?/التعبير : و ماله ؟

Speech : so what ?/التعبير : و ماله ؟

Translation for non Arabic speaking viewers of our second Freedom Cell Phone Movies :

Cell Phone Movies Presents

Title : Speech: so what

Voice over

President Mubarak is a great man
President Mubarak is a first class ruthless dictator
An Islamic government is our only hope
A religious government may seriously damage your freedom
A woman is to cover her body, listen to her husband and stop acting like a whore
A woman is a man’s equal, she may do whatever she likes
Punch line : Freedom of opinion requires no second opinion

End : Egypt, speak up


2 Responses to “Speech : so what ?/التعبير : و ماله ؟”

  1. 2 الغريب الضائع July 5, 2008 at 6:09 am

    الدنيا كله كده عيب نعيب بلدنا
    الرحمه مطلوب يا جماعة برده صح يا عم شريف للعلم يا شريف الحرامى يفضل طول عمره حرامى

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