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Kifaya Song 2.0-Mr Mubarak, 26 (years) is Enough

A freedom and peaceful march song against President Mubarak’s totalitarian regime, against police brutality in Egypt, against corruption and a whole bunch of sweet details that are hardly speakable. This song is also a tribute to Ayman Nour, imprisoned for being an opposition candidate and to ‘Kareem’, a blogger sentenced on Friday 23rd of February 2007, to 4 years… including one year for criticizing President Mubarak.

حكومة احمد نظيف

Egyptian Postcard 2-Brutality in Egypt/ حكومة احمد نظيف

Dear Prime Minister Nazeef (or is it Nazif ?), you have a beautiful and typically Egyptian face. So why is it that you let your fellow Egyptians suffer such brutality, torture, fear and injustice ? Is that the best you can do ? Respected Sir, your hands are covered in blood.

حكومة التعذيب

Egyptian Postcard 3-Brutality in Egypt/حكومة التعزيب

These images have gone around the World. Those on the left and those on the right. Send a postcard to President Mubarak next time you visit the Pyramids.