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أنا أدون لأجل السلام و التفاهم


المرأة حرة : و ماله /Free Women: So What ?

المرأة حرة : و ماله /Free Women: So What ?

This 3rd Cell Phone video addresses women’s rights issues: freedom of faith, way of life, dress.. Muslim? Great. Christian? Perfect. Jewish? Shalom. Veil? Why not. Niqab (1) ? Be my guest. No Niqab? Your choice. Atheist? Whatever. You’re ready to die for God? It’s your life. You would die for Adel Emam? Who wouldn’t…

Ahmad Sherif / Ahmadsherif

الحب : وماله ؟ / Love : so what ?

الحب : وماله ؟ / Love : so what ?

This spot is the first of a collection of cell phone movies designed to be exchanged… on cell phones.