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Sankyoo – للرئيس مبارك : سانكيوو – MP3

Sankyoo-للرئيس مبارك : سانكيو

عماد الكبير رضا فتحي اسلام نبيه مبارك العدلي

Emad el Kabeer actor of the year/Islam Nabih Reda Fathi Mubarak

No, the Torture video of Emad Kabeer was not an enactment or a forgery:

Background:Emad Kabeer is a young Egyptian bus driver who had been arrested for no reasonable charges, then tortured and raped by Egyptian police.

A few months ago a video was released on the Internet by blogger Wael Abbas, showing the entire scene in its unbearable crudity.

This video (1) made it possible to identify and arrest two of the torturers: Islam Nabih and Reda Fathi.

On trial day (very first days of March 2007), accusations against both torturers were rejected almost in full, and the video in question was considered as a forgery, an enactment.

If this was an enactment… then Emad Kabeer does definitely deserve an Oscar for “Best Actor of the Year 2007”. This is what we attempted to do in this satirical video. We also wished to congratulate the directors, Islam Nabih, Reda Fathi, and their producers and sponsors, President Mubarak and Mr Habib el Adly, Minister of Interior.

Ahmad Sherif

(1) Available on Wael Abbas’s Youtube Channel, under the title: “التعذيب في المعتقلات المصرية”. Be warned: highly explicit.


Besides Islam Nabih and Emad Kabeer,
both featured in this video,
featured in this video are connected
or related ***IN ANY WAY***
to the torture events described above.

© Copyright Notice: Many thanks to all those, artists, comedians, film directors, producers, Youtube managers, who will agree to leave this video as an expression of Freedom and Fair Use.

حكومة صفوت الشريف

Egyptian Postcard 4-Brutality in Egypt/حكومة صفوت الشريف

Safwat el Sherif, one of the most disgusting fellows on this planet and especially in Egypt. He is Secretary General of the National Democratic Party. Yes, you heard me right : Democratic… Formerly minister of information or, in another words, minister of propaganda, censorship, lies, prison and torture.