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Happy Birthday Mubarak Video + Banner Campaign – عيد ميلاد سعيد يا سيادة الريس

PARTyCIPATE in our Campaign: This is our “Mubarak birthday video”. Below, you will find Banners and Logos to download and post on your websites. Once you do that, you can link those banners to the “birthday video”. Here is the link you will need to copy/paste

Thank you for your participation


Happy Birthday President Mubarak / Banners – عيد ميلاد سعيد يا ريس

You can participate in our Mubarak Birthday Campaign by downloading these logos and banners and by linking them to the Mubarak Birthday Video

Here is the link to the video :

Thank you for your participation

Ahmad Sherif

hb-ar1.gifhb-en.gif hbbanner-ar.gifhbbanner-en.gif

Mr Mubarak 26 yrs is Enough – Kefaya Song – كفاية

Mr Mubarak 26 yrs is Enough –

Special Thanks to Stephanie Wenger
from Telerama

أنت يا مصري

An Egyptian Freedom Song – Enta Ya Masri / أنت يا مصري

A Freedom Song.

جمال شو

An Egyptian Joke – Gamal Show / جمال شو

بدون تعليق

للرئيس مبارك : سانكيوو

Egyptian Freedom Song – Sankyoo / للرئيس مبارك : سانكيوو

A Freedom Song. To Kareem, Alaa, Malek, Ibrahim, Mohamed, Ayman and so many other Egyptians who are putting their lives in danger over a couple of words: justice and freedom.

حكومة مبارك

Egyptian Postcard 1-Brutality in Egypt/ حكومة مبارك

The Egyptian ‘nokta’ (joke) is dead. President Mubarak has killed it over two decades of a ferocious dictatorship. Yes, Egypt is hell to the Egyptians, living under the ruling of a gang of inhuman thieves.