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أنا أدون لأجل السلام و التفاهم


I am not Ikhwan – انا مش اخوان/ الي اخي العزيز عبد المنعم محمود

انا مش اخوان/ الي اخي العزيز عبد المنعم محمود

English translation:

مصر اشكال و الوان إذن انا مش اخوان — الي اخي العزيز عبد المنعم محمود

Intro : Egypt is diverse and plural, hence I am not “Ikhwan” (Muslim Brotherhood). To my dear brother Abdel Moneim Mahmoud

Translation of the video :

Title : I am not Ikhwan – A video to my dear brother Abdel Moneim Mahmoud

The video says :

I am this sculptor, I’ve been sitting this way for 4000 years
(Portrait of a Luxor sculptor)

I am Mrs Mary and Mrs Zeinab, two friends and neighbors since 1956
(Portrait of two old ladies)

I am this writer, you remember the “Building” he wrote about about
(Portrait of Alaa el Aswany, author of The Yacoubian Building)

I am this young man asking for your liberation because you are a human being, not because you are Ikhwan.
(Portrait of a secular protester)

I am Nermeen and Rania : just last week, that one was wearing a Higab and the other one was not
(Portrait of two female Bank employees)

I am Rouby, whith her art, her beauty and her determination
(Portrait of Rouby, the singer, model and dancer)

I am these features, this thick skin, those eyes.
(Portrait of an Egyptian smiling peasant)

I am this soul, and whoever would forbid it would be a fool
(Portrait of Adel Imam, the actor)

I am you, with your seriousness and your hopes for the future
(Portrait of Abdel Moneim Mahmoud)

I am this young Nubian boy, who was told when he was born : you’ll become a servant and if you oget lucky you’ll become a “bawwab”
(Portrait of an anonymous Nubian Child)

I am these girls who when you tell them “Salam Aleykum” reply by telling you “hi”.
(Portrait of a group of anonymous Egyptian girls)

I am this woman wearing the Niqab. Who ever does her any wrong is also doing me wrong.
(Portrait of an anonymous woman wearing the Niqab)

Voice over in the End :

Different books and different tunes
Different thoughts and different faiths
Old people… youngsters:
The Egyptian people is a colorful one
and cannot be satisfied with only one color:
the green color of “Ikhwan”.

Ahmad Sherif / Ahmadsherif

مصر اشكال و الوان إذن انا مش اخوان — الي اخي العزيز عبد المنعم محمود

Stop sarcasm about Niqab, start dialog

Stop sarcasm about Niqab, start dialog

You might be aware that the UK is puzzled as to how it should react, forbid or authorize the Niqab. I, myself, am not sure wether the Niqab is only a matter of faith, and I do believe that many women, especially in the UK, wear it by choice. It is a significant choice, an eloquent choice. What is it saying? What is it calling for ? — if ever you agree to consider that it might be calling for something. This video calls for sarcasms to stop and for dialog to start, apparently there is a lot to be said, especially when you hear Mrs Al Shaikh, a Nigabi interviewed by the Herald Tribune, saying:
“For me it not just a piece of clothing, it is an act of faith and solidarity”. Another anonymous woman said : “It is a frontal expression of Islamic Identity, which I have embraced since Sept.11 2001, as a form of rebellion against the policies in Iraq and at home”.

Ahmad Sherif

المرأة حرة : و ماله /Free Women: So What ?

المرأة حرة : و ماله /Free Women: So What ?

This 3rd Cell Phone video addresses women’s rights issues: freedom of faith, way of life, dress.. Muslim? Great. Christian? Perfect. Jewish? Shalom. Veil? Why not. Niqab (1) ? Be my guest. No Niqab? Your choice. Atheist? Whatever. You’re ready to die for God? It’s your life. You would die for Adel Emam? Who wouldn’t…

Ahmad Sherif / Ahmadsherif

Speech : so what ?/التعبير : و ماله ؟

Speech : so what ?/التعبير : و ماله ؟

Translation for non Arabic speaking viewers of our second Freedom Cell Phone Movies :

Cell Phone Movies Presents

Title : Speech: so what

Voice over

President Mubarak is a great man
President Mubarak is a first class ruthless dictator
An Islamic government is our only hope
A religious government may seriously damage your freedom
A woman is to cover her body, listen to her husband and stop acting like a whore
A woman is a man’s equal, she may do whatever she likes
Punch line : Freedom of opinion requires no second opinion

End : Egypt, speak up

الحب : وماله ؟ / Love : so what ?

الحب : وماله ؟ / Love : so what ?

This spot is the first of a collection of cell phone movies designed to be exchanged… on cell phones.