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An important question to Abdel Moneim Mahmoud

Dear Moneim,

As an expression of friendship and respect to my friends and some visitors, I have put an end to the “Islam Electronica” project, and have removed both the video and MP3 file.

If you take the time to read the discussion that took place during the Project, you’ll realize that it occasionned a variety of opinions: some were cross, some were surprised but smiled at me, some were very happy, some were opposed but with a mind open to discussion, and… finally there those whose comments expressed nervosity and stiffness.

The loudest voice was the voice of a user called “Hatooma”. I incidentally came across other comments written by the same “Hatooma” under one of my other videos. In these comments “Hatooma” engages in a discussion with another friend.

The violence of his words is beyond imagination.

With my sincere apologies to all viewers, I must repeat these horrendous words :

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

It doesn’t matter who runs the country, as long as it’s not this homosexual called Shenouda and his followers, those Coptic dogs. (Editor’s note: Shenouda is the name of the Coptic Pope).

In the name of Allah the Great, I agree with you. Those homosexuals dream they will build their own government. They believe our country belongs to those who gave them birth. With Allah’s Will, we will soon brush them off and throw them in Mediterranean so that can swim back to Italy.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Do you relate to these words as a human being, an Egyptian, a muslim or other than muslim ?
No. Of course you do not.

Do these horrific words remind you of similar ideologies, currently available on the markets of hate, violence, ignorance and murder ?

Yes, they do. These words have a face, a voice and several names. Zarqawi, Bin Laden, Ayman el Zawahiri.

Have you watched Ayman el Zawihiri’s latest video ? It resembles the previous ones: hate, violence, ignorance and murder.

I have a question: does Ayman el Zawihiri represent Islam ?

… no, he doesn’t.

Does he represent your ideas and your attitude in solving our political and social problems, your vision of what our relation should be with the West and the Arab world?

I would say “no” as well but I truly think that it isn’t that clear to many people, Egyptians, Arabs and Westerners.

Today, I believe we need to unite in clearly stating : “Ayman el Zawahiri, you do not represent me”.

I kindly request that you participate in this clarification effort, and that you display this message on your Website.

Many thanks,

Ahmad Sherif





سؤال هام للزميل عبد المنعم محمود

عزيزي منعم

احتراماً لي زميلي و بعض الزائرين،
ختمت مشروع اسلام اليكترونيكا و
لغيت الفديو و المب٣

الرجاء ان تنظر إلي “الحوار” الذي تم حول هذه الفديو.
هتلاقي في جميع انواع الاراء : اللي غضبان،
اللي مستغرب بس بيبتسم، اللي فرحان،
اللي زعلان لكن فاتح مخه للمنقشة…
و في الاخر اللي الفاظه فيها نوع من العصبية

اعلي صوت كان صوت شخص اسمه “حاتوما”.
بالصدفة، قابلت تعليقات أخرى له، حول فديو “ليدي ديجا”.
يشترك “حاتوما” في حوار شديد العنف مع زميل اخر

مع اسفي الشديد للجميع لابد ان اقرر هذه الحوار الشنيع

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

amaaa7 (3 days ago)

مش مهم مين يمسك مصر المهم مايكونش الشاذ جنسيا شنودة ومن معه من اقباط المهجر الكلاب

hatooma3010 (2 days ago)

معاك والله العظيم , الشواذ دول بيحلموا بتكوين دولتهم ,فاكرين البلد بتاعت ال جابوهم , إن شاء الله قريبا يا أخى هنكنسهم لتشاد ولا نرميهم فى البحر الأبيض ويبقوا يكملوها سباحه لإيطاليا

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

هل هذه الالفاظ تمثلك كا بني ادم مصري و مسلم و غير مسلم؟ لا… بالطبع

هل هذه الالفاظ تشبه ايديولوجيا أخرى موجودة حالياً في سوق الكره، الجهل، العنف والقطل؟

نعم. ان هذه الالفاظ ليها وجه و صوت و اسامي عديدة : زرقاوي، بن لادن، ايمن الظواهري.
هل رأيت فدييو الظواهري الاخير؟ انه مثل الفديوهات السابقة: كره، جهل، عنف وقطل

س سؤال : هل أيمن الظواهري يمثل الاسلام؟


هل يمثل افكارك و أسلوبك في حل بعض المشاكل السياسية والاجتماعية، وعلاقتك مع العالم الغربي و العربي؟

أظن لا لكن لبعض المصريون، العرب والغرب، أظن ان الصورة مش وضحة ابد… انا بكلمك بمنتهي الصراحة

نريد اليوم ان نتحد بصوت واضح حول هذه الرسالة : أيمان الظواهري انت لا تمثلني

نرجوا ان تشترك في هذه المجهود و ان تعلن هذه الرسالة في موقعك

مع الشكر

أحمد شريف





Islam Electronica / اسلام اليكترونيكا

احتراماً لي زميلي و بعض الزائرين ، قد ختمت هذه المشروع و لغيت الفديو و المب٣.
مع الشكر.
احمد شريف

– – – – – – – –

As an expression of friendship and respect for certain viewers and fellow bloggers, I have put an end to the Islam Electronica Project and have removed both the video and MP3.

Many thanks,

Ahmad Sherif

Islam Electronica Project

Closed / مغلق


This is an open discussion aiming at understanding our relationship to modernity. Islam is in many ways hypermodern.

I, as a an artist, wish to participate and celebrate my religion, just as other muslims use new technologies to discuss, celebrate and explain Islam. If Islam uses Flash Animations, PHP, LINUX and Chatrooms, can I sing and use my electronic music tools ?

Thanks for watching this video and participating in a friendly way.

Ahmad Sherif / AhmadSherif

أنا أدون لأجل السلام و التفاهم


I am not Ikhwan – انا مش اخوان/ الي اخي العزيز عبد المنعم محمود

انا مش اخوان/ الي اخي العزيز عبد المنعم محمود

English translation:

مصر اشكال و الوان إذن انا مش اخوان — الي اخي العزيز عبد المنعم محمود

Intro : Egypt is diverse and plural, hence I am not “Ikhwan” (Muslim Brotherhood). To my dear brother Abdel Moneim Mahmoud

Translation of the video :

Title : I am not Ikhwan – A video to my dear brother Abdel Moneim Mahmoud

The video says :

I am this sculptor, I’ve been sitting this way for 4000 years
(Portrait of a Luxor sculptor)

I am Mrs Mary and Mrs Zeinab, two friends and neighbors since 1956
(Portrait of two old ladies)

I am this writer, you remember the “Building” he wrote about about
(Portrait of Alaa el Aswany, author of The Yacoubian Building)

I am this young man asking for your liberation because you are a human being, not because you are Ikhwan.
(Portrait of a secular protester)

I am Nermeen and Rania : just last week, that one was wearing a Higab and the other one was not
(Portrait of two female Bank employees)

I am Rouby, whith her art, her beauty and her determination
(Portrait of Rouby, the singer, model and dancer)

I am these features, this thick skin, those eyes.
(Portrait of an Egyptian smiling peasant)

I am this soul, and whoever would forbid it would be a fool
(Portrait of Adel Imam, the actor)

I am you, with your seriousness and your hopes for the future
(Portrait of Abdel Moneim Mahmoud)

I am this young Nubian boy, who was told when he was born : you’ll become a servant and if you oget lucky you’ll become a “bawwab”
(Portrait of an anonymous Nubian Child)

I am these girls who when you tell them “Salam Aleykum” reply by telling you “hi”.
(Portrait of a group of anonymous Egyptian girls)

I am this woman wearing the Niqab. Who ever does her any wrong is also doing me wrong.
(Portrait of an anonymous woman wearing the Niqab)

Voice over in the End :

Different books and different tunes
Different thoughts and different faiths
Old people… youngsters:
The Egyptian people is a colorful one
and cannot be satisfied with only one color:
the green color of “Ikhwan”.

Ahmad Sherif / Ahmadsherif

مصر اشكال و الوان إذن انا مش اخوان — الي اخي العزيز عبد المنعم محمود

Happy Birthday Mubarak Video + Banner Campaign – عيد ميلاد سعيد يا سيادة الريس

PARTyCIPATE in our Campaign: This is our “Mubarak birthday video”. Below, you will find Banners and Logos to download and post on your websites. Once you do that, you can link those banners to the “birthday video”. Here is the link you will need to copy/paste

Thank you for your participation