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Kifaya Song 2.0-Mr Mubarak, 26 (years) is Enough

A freedom and peaceful march song against President Mubarak’s totalitarian regime, against police brutality in Egypt, against corruption and a whole bunch of sweet details that are hardly speakable. This song is also a tribute to Ayman Nour, imprisoned for being an opposition candidate and to ‘Kareem’, a blogger sentenced on Friday 23rd of February 2007, to 4 years… including one year for criticizing President Mubarak.

أنت يا مصري

An Egyptian Freedom Song – Enta Ya Masri / أنت يا مصري

A Freedom Song.

جمال شو

An Egyptian Joke – Gamal Show / جمال شو

بدون تعليق

للرئيس مبارك : سانكيوو

Egyptian Freedom Song – Sankyoo / للرئيس مبارك : سانكيوو

A Freedom Song. To Kareem, Alaa, Malek, Ibrahim, Mohamed, Ayman and so many other Egyptians who are putting their lives in danger over a couple of words: justice and freedom.

حكومة التعذيب

Egyptian Postcard 3-Brutality in Egypt/حكومة التعزيب

These images have gone around the World. Those on the left and those on the right. Send a postcard to President Mubarak next time you visit the Pyramids.

حكومة صفوت الشريف

Egyptian Postcard 4-Brutality in Egypt/حكومة صفوت الشريف

Safwat el Sherif, one of the most disgusting fellows on this planet and especially in Egypt. He is Secretary General of the National Democratic Party. Yes, you heard me right : Democratic… Formerly minister of information or, in another words, minister of propaganda, censorship, lies, prison and torture.